Friday, October 1, 2010


And sometimes the people are quite interesting
And sometimes they arn't
And sometimes we meet
And sometimes we talk
And sometimes we don't
And sometimes we do
And sometimes we please each other
And sometimes we tease each other
And sometimes there's cameras
And sometimes there's blindfolds
And sometimes there's handcuffs
And sometimes there's freedom
And sometimes they're men
And sometimes they're women
And sometimes they're both
And sometimes they're ghosts
They're usually ghosts


Cut down the preacher, he just lies
Burn all the books that closed my mind
Destroy it all, it's all untrue
How can I even breathe without you?

SWANS, thank you.

Now, they say that hell is a place where memory's dead and the only
thing left is this moment moving further away

But I will always try to remember the way you moved your lips
against mine in the lonely bed

If I forget who you were then, I will lose what I am now
Forever and ever and ever and ever again

Monday, September 13, 2010


I guess I'm just a Hank Hill.
Did you know you were going to shoot
off the top of a four year old girl's head
And look across her car-seat down into her skull
And see into her throat and did you know
that her dad would say to you,
"Please sir, can I take her body home?"
Oh wait, you totally did know... that that would happen
Cuz you're a jock who was too stupid and too greedy
And too unmotivated to do anything else but still be
The biggest and still do what other people tell you to do
You did it to still be a winner
You shot your grenade launcher into peoples windows and
Into the doors of peoples houses why should I care if
you get killed?


On Xiu Xiu kick today.

I'm not even sure why I dig this band?

They're weird, and a lot of the songs are just real hard to get into.

OH well.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


"your shy smile is the best thing about you

without it, i wouldn't want you to exist

without that hint of vulnerability and insecurity, your freckles and figure would be too intimidating

when i see you, my being and doing, my willing and running become nothing

that is why im glad i see you so seldom"