Saturday, February 21, 2009

haha sorrryyyy

I guess it's about time I made one of these right?

Today(so far) I:

Did most of a project that's due Monday. Studied some. Didn't wake up until 11ish. Ate some toast. Ate an awesome cinnamon waffle. Wore the same pants and underwear as I did yesterday. Went grocery shopping. Saw 3 people I knew. Only talked to 2 of them. Looked pretty shitty. Hungout with Magduh. Watched Formula 51, nitro circus, girls nxt door. Texted like 5 ppl. Gave Magudh like 5 treats for being cute. Listened to Kings of Leon and Rilo Kiley for quite some time. Made this blogger deal. Thought about some past relationships. Made some flavorless stir fry. Aimchatted. Looked at some toothpastefordinner comics.....I'm really uninteresting sorry

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