Monday, May 18, 2009


I'm just going to update this with Summer.

So far....

Phat Camp= house shows, beer, dark forces, black dude with a grill, horse showing up at the house, poppin squats', awkward convos, drunk, snocones everyday, fishing, workingggg 40hs, FML, fuzies, red couching, 1$ beers, bowling, working sommore', washer and dryers, Unit 21, crustpunx, more snocones, cotton candy, HEB, sleeping in really late, screaming bratty kids, Memorial Days, Time and a half, closing alldayeverday, manager meetings, keys 2 new house, kinda hihhgh, bushes, millers, rainstorms, power outage, countin monays, winstar, greasy hairs, monsters, FREESODAS, pizza, cicis, packs of cigarettes, Magduhhhh, MADE, naps, 4 hrs of sleep, my partyyy that wasnt really supposed to be a party, curteous cops, busted, pool swimmin, talks of taquito stealin', modern art museum, stupid kimball museum, dates :), broken santa mugs, cigar talk, barf, 10 4 $10, swimming, getting lost close to Sherman, laundry, Boyfrandsssss, funzie times, snugglesexytimes, 16 and pregnant, momz, slacking, sweet plano pools, new fwends, backwards hand holding, triffle tower & more dark forces, drnk txts, fights, bickering, rat tails, unpacking forever, finally done, new house rulllles, lots of porch talks, beerzin and smokin on the porch, rajjy pool time, friends from out of town, taco bell, fireworks, riverboat gambs, hot dawg eating contests, ...

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